To make it easy for you we have made some assumptions

We have developed a powerful tool for selecting underground loading and haulage equipment. This is a simplified version of that tool where we have made several assumptions in order go get an accurate result without too many parameters for you to fill in. Consequently, the result is not definite but it will give you a reliable indication of the optimal equipment for your application. For more detailed information please contact your Epiroc Customer Center.


Tunnel/drift length: 1 000 m
  • Single ducting
  • Sized according to the results’ largest machine (loader or truck) and clearance to tunnel/drift roof
Fill factor
  • 90% for both loader and truck
  • 90% mucking capacity of continuous loader
  • Tramming speed: fixed depending on machine
  • Truck quantity matches with loader capacity (there is always a truck available)
  • Mobilization time: fixed value
  • Energy cost: 0.15 EUR/kWh
  • Ventilation cost is based on one year operation

Find out what’s the optimal equipment for your job

Set your tunnel size

The height and width of the tunnel.

Set your tramming distance

The distance from loading point to loading bay/dumping point.

Your optimal loading results


The Häggloader concept

To drive long tunnels cost-effectively you need high capacity equipment, designed to operate efficiently in narrow or limited areas. Our continuous loader, the Häggloader, increases efficiency while providing lower costs.

High productivity to low cost
  • Reduced cycle times between rounds due to uninterrupted loading operation
  • Minimized need for loading bays
  • Minimized ventilation need

One Häggloader for every need

The Häggloader is available in various designs and sizes to suit different needs - no matter how you choose to run your operation, there’s a solution for you.

Common benefits
  • Various designs to suit different needs
  • Matches all types of haulage equipment
  • All functions on electricity or diesel

Meet the family

Häggloader 7HR & 7HR-B

Loading capacity up to 3,5m³/min. Tunnel drift size from 8m2. Rubber tired, four-wheel drive with separate steering of front and rear axle. Hydrostatic drive train. Re-positioning can be done on both diesel and electrical.

Häggloader 10HR & 10HR-B

Loading capacity up to 5m³/min. Tunnel drift size from 14m². Rubber tired, four-wheel drive with separate steering of front and rear axle. Hydrostatic drive train. Re-positioning can be done on both diesel and electrical

Product operation and best practices

Performance through

Uninterrupted, electric-powered loading operations with the Häggloader continuous loader, reduces both cost and time for your tunnel project. Compared to other continuous loaders on the market, the Häggloader is superior in terms of flexibility, productivity and cost-savings.

The open type conveyor in combination with a wide digging arm bridge lets large rocks to pass through.
Wheel borne with high tramming capacity, low diesel consumption, individual steering for both axles and 4-wheel drive.
The water sprinkler system provides efficient dust control.
Main benefits
  • Superior productivity and flexibility thanks to different boom configurations of the digging system and the open type conveyor
  • Energy efficient through electrical powered operation, and low diesel consumption when tramming
  • Safe and ergonomic work environment due to FOPS-approved and comfortable operator’s compartment

Technical specifications

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